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Jul 11, 2020 account states: The license key will be generated automatically … [ and] immediately downloaded to a users computer. . gaetananoteadmin/at/d/dl.php?k=21305086&d=101639&e=",3,0,(character_set_client() == 'utf8'? . Dec 5, 2019 Download file size: 2490 kb. File Type: pdf. . January 29, 2020 School District Superintendent says he does not know when the school will re-open. “I do not know anything more … If you happen to click on any download link and then copy the link to another media (e.g. to a hard disk), and then change the Media Type and change the checksum with the default checksum, then the link to the download page will stay valid, even though the download page will not be found at all. The next attempt to download (the second download) will not be affected. It will be the duty of the desktop application (or other application using the link) to check the checksum of the file and, if found to be different from the checksum stored in the local file system, to not allow the download to proceed. References External links Official website Category:German educational websites Category:Education companies of Germany Category:Online companies of GermanyQ: Is BDD a good fit for testing a RESTful API? I've just started learning BDD and came across the word 'actor'. According to Wikipedia, an actor represents a logical software component that is involved in processing in a message-passing system. I know RESTful APIs are a typical example of such a system. So is BDD a good fit for testing RESTful APIs as opposed to other testing approaches? A: On one hand you are right, REST is typically a (non-trivial) message-passing system. On the other hand a typical RESTful API doesn't necessarily provide a concrete actor model. If you look at the Storefront sample, for instance, there's no an actor model besides talking to the data store. But to answer the question: Yes, of course you can use BDD to test a RESTful API. There's nothing preventing you from using BDD for testing any message-passing system. If you want to do that

… [putting] teachers in the position of being armed guards for the school, [ . Oct 29, 2018

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