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Adopt an orangutan vet!

Whilst everyone wants to adopt a baby orangutan, it is imperative that these rescued orphans and adults have vets to take care of them. By making a donation to OVAID, your money will enable us to help fund a veterinary surgeon to keep them healthy. In 2015 our vet spent eight months volunteering at International Animal Rescue working as part of their medical team and throughout 2016 OVAID placed a vet and nurse team at Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme's quarantine centre assisting with the training of a recently graduated Indonesian vet and helping with the care of their orangutan.

In 2018 OVAID is developing and launching a training scheme for young Indonesian vets under the guidnce of our own veterinary surgeon.


                    You will effectively be adopting an orangutan vet.


















To keep our overheads down and our vet on the ground, I am afraid you don't receive our cuddly OVAID vet called 'Fetch', but what you do get is a warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping the orangutan in an extremely practical and important way. 


If you donate £5 or more every month (our donate buttons give the option of a regular donation or UK residents can download and complete a standing order form), you will receive an emailed certificate of appreciation and photos of your adopted vet working with the orangutan.


By 'e' adopting rather than posting we are not adding to the destruction of the very rainforest habitat that we all want to protect and we are also keeping our administrative overheads to the minimum.




                   OVAID, OIC and SOCP vets conducting ophthalmic surgery on 'Pongky' - Sumatra March 2016

Fetch The Vet OVAID's adoptavet
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