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What will your donation buy?

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 From the list of guide prices below you can see that even a modest donation on its own can still buy a vitally important piece of equipment or can be put towards some of the larger and often surprisingly expensive veterinary items.


You might like to consider setting up a monthly standing order. Supporters tell us that a small monthly donation of £3


                (just the price of a cup of coffee)                         is hardly missed


       but for OVAID it is actually a vital contribution to our regular income. 



£5        A catheter used in our Tuberculin testing procedure or

            A box of hypodermic needles or one biopsy punch or

            2 Pairs of sterile surgeons gloves or 12 small cotton bandages.

            A feeding tube or one Surgeon's nailbrush or 500ml surgical scrub 

            solution or a box of 50 blood sample tubes



£7         A box of microscope slides or box of latex gloves or 3 Intravenous

             giving sets. A pair of surgical forceps or 1 endotracheal tube.

             A box of sterile hypodermic syringes or a stainless steel bowl or

             one box of powder free latex examination gloves


£10       A pack of 100 scalpel blades or a pack of 100 instrument sterilisation

             pouches. A digital thermometer or 2 rolls of orthopaedic casting material

             to mend broken limbs


£15-20  Surgical suture stapler or one bottle of tissue  adhesive for minor


£25       A new blade for electric clippers or one single course of antibiotic 

             tablets for an orangutan or a refractometer for testing urine

£30       A pair of surgical needle holders or one pack of urine or blood test strips

             for instant diagnosis or one small bottle of injectable pain relief

£30+      A pack of 12 surgical sutures

£50        One small bottle of injectable anaesthetic 


£75      A new stethoscope or an intravenous drip stand.

£100     The cost of  annual diagnostic health testing (Including Tuberculin and

             blood tests) for one orangutan

£150      A pair of electric clippers

£175     A specialised paramedic rescue backpack (bag only) for use in

             emergencies and field rescues.

£180     A general surgical instrument kit


£200     A set of  electronic scales to enable us to weigh an orangutan accurately

             or a 'mayo' surgical instrument trolley for use beside the operating table



£300     An orthopaedic drill or a pulse oximeter machine to help safely monitor

             an anaesthetic procedure.


£350     An electric cast cutter for safely cutting off plaster and fibreglass 

             casts on broken limbs without damage to the animal


£400     A theatre instrument trolley or a controlled drug secure cabinet


£500     A microscope to help vets diagnose disease or

             an ophthalmoscope and otoscope diagnostic set or

             a basic laboratory centrifuge for blood and urine analysis or

             a surgeon's scrub sink


£500     An automatic intravenous infusion pump

£900     An ECG machine for diagnosing heart conditions


£1,000  An operating table or one stainless steel treatment cage

             or a complete set of orthopaedic instruments for operating on fractures



£3,000   An autoclave for sterilising surgical instruments


£3,000+ A basic anaesthetic machine


£6,000   A battery powered small portable X-ray machine


£8,000    An endoscope


£8,000  A colour doppler diagnostic ultrasound unit and probe

£45,000  A digital X-ray system


Veterinary medicines are provided by Orangutan Veterinary Aid but prices vary widely and so have not been individually listed.

We keep constantly updated 'wish lists' for the various centres that we work alongside.

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