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November 2019

OVAID visited both Nyaru Menteng and International Animal Rescue centres this month and delivered approximately £45,000 of equipment and medicines.

What's right and wrong about Palm Oil?

June 2019

A balanced article on the current palm oil issue with some sobering facts - current sales of 73.5 million tonnes per year expected to increase to 240 million tonnes by 2050!

WHY have conservationists change stance on Batang Toru dam??

September 2019

Having vigorously opposed the damn which threatens the survival of the Tapanuli orangutan, why has Pan Eco suddenly done an about turn?

Read and draw your own conclusions!

Drones & Thermal- Imaging Spot Orangutan

April 2019

New scientific research involving John Moore's University in Liverpool UK, & NGOs Hutan and WWF enables conservationists to identify orangutan and estimate numbers

Palangkaraya Set To Be The New Jakarta?

April 2019

Indonesia again considers moving its capital city as Jakarta is flooded but what effect will this have on the orangutan population in Sabangau near Palangkaraya City?

Orangutan Rescued From Pet Trade

May 2019

BBC news item showing a young orangutan rescued in Sumatra & explaining the plight of the orangutan and an overview of its situation in Indonesia

Extinct within 10 years?

April 2019

Alan Knight of International Animal Rescue (IAR) expresses concerns that if deforestation continues at its current rate the orangutan could face imminent extinction

The story of Leuser the orangutan and his namesake The Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra

May 2019

Leuser is an adult male orangutan at the SOCP rescue centre in Sumatra. He was shot 62 times and blinded and can never be released. This is his story and that of the ecosystem where he once lived in Sumatra.

How the World Got Hooked On Palm Oil

February 2019

Excellent factual article in The Guardian explaining the complexities of the palm oil issue

OVAID Digital for IAR

January 2019

OVAID's 2019 fundraising effort is directed at purchasing a complete new state of the art digital x-ray system for the International Animal Rescue orangutan rehabilitaton centre at Ketapang, West Kalimantan

IFAW conservation Award 2018

October 2018

OVAID proudly received the International Federation for Animal Welfare Conservation Award 2018 at a ceremony at The House of Lords, London in October 2018

Animal Star Award 2018

November 2018

OVAID were the recipients of the Animal Star Awards International Rescue Charity of the Year 2018 at a ceremony in Guildford in November 2018

Hugely successful 2018 fundraising effort 

October 2018

OVAID's biggest fundraise ever culminated in the donation of both ultrasound and digital x-ray equipment to BOSF Samboja Lestari and, with a joint effort with Save The Orangutan (STO) in Denmark, a new x-ray generator and complete digital system for BOSF Nyaru Menteng

 Another Fantastic Tour of Borneo completed 

October 2018

Eleven guests joined Sara & Nigel on their eco fundraising tour of Kalimantan in October 2018. Click the button below to see more images and learn about our tours

BOSF announces opening of Badak Kecil island for its orangutan

November 2018

BOSFoundation that OVAID has been working closely with this year and to which the charity donated two digital x-ray systems has announced the commencement of operations to move its unreleasable orangutan from cages onto Badak kecil, a naturally forested island in Cenral Kalimantan. This is seen as an important move in improving the welfare of its unfortunately captive orangutan