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Malaysia's plan for 'Orangutan Diplomacy' strongly criticised by conservationists


May 2024

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Orangutan self medicating to heal wound


May 2024


OVAG 2023


23-28 July

Orangutan Trader Caught in Sumatra

October 2023


OVAID Facilitates Training Workshop in Borneo

29th July - 5th August


Five arrested in Medan for trying to sell infant orangutan


May 2022

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Solar Power for Samboja Lestari


April 2022

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Tropical Forest Losses Rule Out 2030 Zero Deforestation Goal


May 2022

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Equipment donations for SOCP


April 2022

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OVAID donates electrosurgery machine to BOSF Nyaru Menteng


March 2022

New partnership with EVOLVE watches.


April 2022


120mph on the wing of a biplane😱

16th July 2021

Our amazingly brave supporter Nicola Tagart never does things by halves! She is going to wingwalk to raise funds for OVAID and the orangutan 🦧PLEASE support her if you can, remember - every little helps. For more details of this intrepid lady's challenge have a look at her fundraising page :


OVAID update

01/05 2021

When Plan A fails there are still another 25 letters in the alphabet!

How OVAID is continuing to assist centres during the current pandemic.




Orangutan and other Great Apes vaccinated against COVID

March 2021

An orangutan named Karen, the first in the world to have open-heart surgery in 1994, has made medical history again: She’s among the first great apes to get a COVID-19 vaccine


Tapanuli orangutan may be at even more risk of extinction than thought

January 2021

New evidence suggests that the Tapanuli orangutan's normal habit has not always been at higher altitudes but that it has of necessity adapted. This could mean that it is at even greater risk of extinction than first thought

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SOCP accept 9 repatriated orangutan into their rehabilitation centre 

December 2020

Nine orangutans who were repatriated from Malaysia (18th Dec 2020) will undergo a rehabilitation process at SOCPs Quarantine and Rehabilitation Centre after completing the strict quarantine period.

During the strict quarantine period the SOCP vet team will regularly monitor the health condition of each orangutan to ensure that they don't have any serious illness.

Christmas Cheer!

Spreading The Word

October 2020

OVAID interacts with pupils at Heatherlands School, Poole in Dorset to spread the word about the plight of the orangutan


Animal Health Trust Auction

October 2020

Sadly the liquidation of The Animal Health Trust charity in Newmarket was announced earlier this year but presented OVAID with the opportunity to purchase vital items of veterinary equipment

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International Animal Rescue Release 5 orangutans 

December 2020

An amazing Christmas present for these five orangutan released back to the wild!🎄We were delighted to see Beno, Jacky, Puyol and Oscarina (who we remember from when we were working at IAR in 2014 & 2015) released along with Isin. Great work by the IAR team and so rewarding to see animals you know & have helped care for complete the cycle and return to their habitat 👏

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International Animal Rescue rescue and translocate a huge 35 year old male orangutan during the pandemic.


A large adult male orangutan found near Ketapang West Kalimantan is expertly darted and translocated to a safe area of forest by boat by the IAR team.

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International Orangutan Day 2020


A really informative and up to date article by Annette Garland summarising the work of all of the Indonesian orangutan centres for International Orangutan Day 2020


Deforestation & Pandemics


In a recent article medical & environmental scientists, biologists and conservationists argue for regular global funds to help prevent future pandemics. Not cheap but cost effective when the current pandemic is costing $trillions!

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Appeal to think of great apes during pandemic


Lynn Hempsall one of our staunchest supporters interviewed in The Northern Echo

OVAID Newsletter


Our latest newsletter and updates on our strategic planning for the coming months

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COVID-19 Threat to Orangutan


New York Times article quoting Ian Singleton & Jamartin Sihite on the potential threat to orangutan rescue centres posed by COVID-19

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SOCP to build extra quarantine facilities


Ian Singleton describes how SOCP are responding to the COVID-19 threat by constructing new isolation cages

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BOSF acts quickly and closes its centres

March 2020

The BOS Foundation have closed both its Nyaru Menteng and Samboja Lestari orangutan rescue centres due to the threat of COVID-19

OU drinking.jpeg

Advice to stop Eco-tourism in the face of Coronavirus


Call for a stop to wildlife tourism to protect Great Apes




Coronavirus pandemic threatens our closest relatives

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 10.48.37.png



Following the return of two orangutan last December, the Thai government announces four more  will be repatriated

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 11.24.14.png



Respected 'Hutan' orangutan researcher Marc Ancrenaz reports findings showing orangutan living in palm oil plantations and suggests controversial alternative strategies for their survival


January 2020

Arga Kusuma, one of our 2019 Scholarship candidates sends us an update on his work at the BOSF Nyaru Menteng orangutan rescue centre.

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December 2019

New research on vocalisation in orangutan

announced by researchers from Exeter University

September 2019

Having vigorously opposed the damn which threatens the survival of the Tapanuli orangutan, why has Pan Eco suddenly done an about turn?

Read and draw your own conclusions!

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 08.23.31.png

December 2019

In a joint operation The Centre for Orangutan Protection COP with funding from The Orangutan Project (TOP) have arranged the repatriation of two orangutan from Thailand


November 2019

OVAID visited both Nyaru Menteng and International Animal Rescue centres this month and delivered approximately £45,000 of equipment and medicines.

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 23.19.52.png

December 2019

'Bon Bon' the little orangutan which a Russian man tried to smuggle out of Indonesia at last travels from Bali Safari Park to our friends at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme rescue centre at Batu Mbelin, Medan Sumatra to join the rehabilitation programme and hopefully ultimate release!


June 2019

A balanced article on the current palm oil issue with some sobering facts - current sales of 73.5 million tonnes per year expected to increase to 240 million tonnes by 2050!

Orangutan repatriated from Thailand

New Research

Bon Bon travels to rescue centre for rehabilitation

OVAID donate to IAR

OVAID's Scholarship Vet

Uses His Improved Skills

Palm Oil

NGO Forced To Change Its Stance on Dam


Drones & Thermal- Imaging Spot Orangutan

April 2019

New scientific research involving John Moore's University in Liverpool UK, & NGOs Hutan and WWF enables conservationists to identify orangutan and estimate numbers

alan knight.jpg

Extinct within 10 years?

April 2019

Alan Knight of International Animal Rescue (IAR) expresses concerns that if deforestation continues at its current rate the orangutan could face imminent extinction

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Orangutan Rescued From Pet Trade

May 2019

BBC news item showing a young orangutan rescued in Sumatra & explaining the plight of the orangutan and an overview of its situation in Indonesia


How the World Got Hooked On Palm Oil

February 2019

Excellent factual article in The Guardian explaining the complexities of the palm oil issue

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The story of Leuser the orangutan and his namesake The Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra

May 2019

Leuser is an adult male orangutan at the SOCP rescue centre in Sumatra. He was shot 62 times and blinded and can never be released. This is his story and that of the ecosystem where he once lived in Sumatra.


OVAID Digital for IAR

January 2019

OVAID's 2019 fundraising effort is directed at purchasing a complete new state of the art digital x-ray system for the International Animal Rescue orangutan rehabilitaton centre at Ketapang, West Kalimantan


IFAW conservation Award 2018

October 2018

OVAID proudly received the International Federation for Animal Welfare Conservation Award 2018 at a ceremony at The House of Lords, London in October 2018

ASA awards.jpg

Animal Star Award 2018

November 2018

OVAID were the recipients of the Animal Star Awards International Rescue Charity of the Year 2018 at a ceremony in Guildford in November 2018


Hugely successful 2018 fundraising effort 

October 2018

OVAID's biggest fundraise ever culminated in the donation of both ultrasound and digital x-ray equipment to BOSF Samboja Lestari and, with a joint effort with Save The Orangutan (STO) in Denmark, a new x-ray generator and complete digital system for BOSF Nyaru Menteng

tour 22.jpg

 Another Fantastic Tour of Borneo completed 

October 2018

Eleven guests joined Sara & Nigel on their eco fundraising tour of Kalimantan in October 2018. Click the button below to see more images and learn about our tours


BOSF announces opening of Badak Kecil island for its orangutan

November 2018

BOSFoundation that OVAID has been working closely with this year and to which the charity donated two digital x-ray systems has announced the commencement of operations to move its unreleasable orangutan from cages onto Badak kecil, a naturally forested island in Cenral Kalimantan. This is seen as an important move in improving the welfare of its unfortunately captive orangutan

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