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Do We Use Much Palm Oil?


Have a look – half the items in your shopping trolley will contain palm oil – often simply labelled ‘vegetable oil’(check muesli, sultanas, oatcakes & biscuits!)



Palm oil is typically found in foods, body products, cosmetics and cleaning agents. Unfortunately, determining wether or not a product contains palm oil is easier said than done because it can be identified in a variety of ways.


An increasing amount of palm oil is being incorporated into bio fuels.

Currently more than half the use of palm oil in the EU is for Biofuel although in a positive move in 2018 the EU proposed to remove palm oil in bio fuels by 2020.

In a negative move in 2018 the Indonesian government was lobbying America to include palm oil in aviation fuel!



Consumer pressure on manufacturers by shopping selectively and voicing opinions through petitioning and social media will help to influence opinion and decrease the growth trend in palm oil production. 


Large manufacturers and Governments have been forced to respond to public pressure.


If you are buying products which contain palm oil then try to buy from companies that use only sustainable palm oil sourcing it from plantations which are registered with RSPO. Independent palm oil free certification labels are now also beginning to appear.


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