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'Shelter' Greetings  Card

'Shelter' Greetings Card

A quality standard size A6 card and envelope. The card is blank inside for your message.
Image taken from a painting by Australian artist Robbie Erskine. The evocative image depicts an orangutan whose only shelter is the umbrella hat - the void behind it is where its home once was.
  • Details

    Artist's statement:
    “Shelter” explores the theme of habitat destruction due to palm oil plantations. Orangutan populations are directly being decimated as we speak due to their forests being cut down to create palm oil plantations. The smoke from the fires also releases huge volumes of climate warming gases into the atmosphere accelerating global warming. In the last 60 years the Bornean orang-utan population has fallen by over 50% and the Sumatran population by over 80% ( as a direct result of habitat destruction.
    The orangutan is often seen as a comical creature as it plays and interacts with other orangutans. The umbrella hat is seen in the same way, the wearer seen as being funny and not serious. However the orang-utan in “Shelter” is wearing this hat as the only means of shelter he has, as his home has been destroyed. The empty white background represents the loss of the forest habitat with only emptiness left.
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