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Last Night In Kuching

March 23, 2014

On the way home.

 Sara and I parted in Pontianac this morning and tonight is my last night in Malaysia. Sara is on her way back to IAR to resume her radiographer's job!


Note the high tec developing tanks and super custom made film hanger! Maybe in touch with Vet Direct again Bayan!



Sara had just got back from Solo and was so pleased that she had been able to meet the COP team and hand over the equipment and to see the set up at Solo Zoo.. 


COP's Ape Warrior in front of the new clinic under construction at Solo zoo.


COP could not wait to open everything at the hotel and Sara said it was a bit like Christmas. Imam was delighted and told Sara that in his wildest dreams he had not expected to be able to acquire a microscope and had felt guilty even asking for it. All the items will be taken to Samarinda where they will be used for routine treatments of the orangutan and other animals in the zoo and to be available for new rescues. Hardi, Imam and COP have expressed their extreme gratitude for the generosity of everyone.

Hardi (CEO of COP) and Imam (vet)

Never realised a microscope was so exciting!