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Salam Lestari! Arga and Pandu continue their scholarship at Liverpool University. 10/9/2019

The university has provided great opportunities for both Arga and Pandu to learn new techniques which they can put into practice when they return to Indonesia. Already completing imaging, anaesthesia and pathology - last week saw them tackle cardiology - a complex and difficult subject that they viewed with some trepidation but which proved to be interesting and beneficial. So much so that we have arranged additional specialist tuition with the Great Ape Heart Project based in Cardiff. Here are two more video clips from the boys:

Whilst the scholarship is full time the boys have managed to achieve some sightseeing and events courtesy of their hosts Steve and Atina Unwin - these include castles, seaside, farm visit, some culture with a 'Shakespeare in the Park' evening event in Chester and they seem to have been involved in a civil war!!


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